Monday, December 5, 2016

Evolving Inspirations

The nice thing about being an artist is the world around us holds vast amounts of possibility for inspirational ideas.  They come from everywhere - in expected and unexpected places.

If you don't know by now - I love the use of metallics.  I love them in every form, shape and/or size. In my exhibition, Indian Icons, (Tokyo exhibition page) metallic colors were not only part of the textile borders in the paintings, but also used in many paintings were gold and/or silver leaf.  Metallic pigments combined with other oil hues were also used. The result is hard to see in a photograph - but if you move around each painting, the light hits the painting in different areas (and at different times) which allows for the viewer to see the painting differently each time.

Field of Lotuses
58cm x 66cm
Silver Leaf & Oil on Canvas
Coconut Whimsy
42cm v 52cm
Silver Leaf & Oil on Board Mounted on Panel

It's no secret that Monet is one of my all-time inspirations.  Recently, I have found a Contemporary artist whose technique I absolutely adore! Nancy Reyner is a Contemporary artist based in Santa Fe, NM  I have enjoyed quite a few hours watching her on YouTube and videos accessed via her website.  Her tutorial on the application of gold and silver leaf is a MUST for any artist who wants to use the medium.  She also illustrates many techniques on the use of Acrylic paints and grounds with Leaf.

Between my travels within Japan, my classes in Japanese Brush Painting and Acrylic Workshops with Roy Kinzer at Hudson Acrylics School in NJ and Nancy Reyner's tutorials, I am developing my next series of paintings that I hope to exhibit in the next year.

I am calling it my "Mystical Japan" Series - and I started with Mt. Fuji - an dormant volcano which can be seen from Tokyo.  It took me a few years of living in Tokyo to have the confidence to put forward my rendition of this famous mountain.  After all, it is greatly revered Japanese and foreigners alike.  It is worshiped by the Japanese with great respect and awe.  To me, observing the reactions of the Japanese to this lovely mountain has led me to believe in its mystical (and magical) powers.

Fuji-San the Mystic
51cm x 41cm
Variegated Gold Leaf & Acrylic on Panel

I hope you will stay tuned for the series!

Lastly, as I was speaking of inspiration from unexpected places...  Recently, I and some other artist friends of mine embarked on a few classes in Travel Sketching.  Personally, I wanted to capture the essence of this medium as I travel extensively and want to observe and record the beauty of the places I visit outside of the many photographs I take.  This class helped me do that.  After putting my travel sketch class images on social media - I received a request from a friend of mine to articulate the famous Spider Sculpture that resides in the plaza of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  I found this request to be very humbling - because I am not a watercolorist AT ALL!  It's not a medium I find myself pursuing.  However; I did find Watercolor Pencils and enjoyed working with them in the area of my travel sketches as they are easy to carry and allow me to still play with colors as part of my composition - even on vacation.

Roppongi Hills Spider
31cm x 41cm
Watercolor Pencil on Paper
With my friend's very gracious encouragement, I completed her commission.  I find it to be much fun! And will probably do some experimenting with watercolor pencils, metallics and such...  I am grateful for and inspired by my friend's confidence in my work. - And hope she loves it as much as I do!

Until my next post!

Peace. ART. SouL.

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